Sasha Hudson White of Mechanicville, NY, passed away suddenly on December 24, 2016 at home from what later was determined to be SIDS (Sasha was fully awake at the time he lost conscience, and not asleep, as is more common with SIDS cases). He was born just 3.5 weeks earlier, on November 30, to his proud parents Olya Prevo-White and Christopher Scott White.

Before being born, when his gender was unknown, he was dubbed with a nickname of a Fox-Monkey. While still in his mama’s belly, Sasha went on many great adventures with his family: he ran in several 5K races, participated in a triathlon, traveled to London, visited his family in Kiev, hiked Mount Jo in the Adirondacks, visited New York City, and spent a lot of time swimming. 

When Sasha was born, he made his family the happiest people on Earth. Sasha loved falling asleep “milkdrunk” in his mama’s arms, listening to Ukrainian lullabies. He adored being held by his daddy, who sang to him tunes by the band Alt-J, Irish folk songs, and Tibetan hymns. Sasha loved being in his sister Myah’s arms, who danced with him, soothed him, and together they chased the cats around. Sasha loved taking a bath and always insisted on having his feet free from any clothing.

Although Sasha’s time with his family was brief, he was a wise teacher, a zen-master, and he brightened the world with his beautiful smiles. Sasha taught us how bright and joyous life can be, and that every moment should be treasured.