Since the horrific invasion of Ukraine began, Sasha’s family has been collecting funds for people of Ukraine. You can support us by making a donation on this website or via Paypal ( or Venmo (Olya-Prevo-White).

As of April 8th, we have sent $12,000 directly to the following people/organizations:
 — The Okhmatdyt, the Specialized Children’s Hospital in Kyiv, which has been treating children with horrific wounds, children who witnessed their parent’s murder, children whose homes were destroyed. The hospital is caring for them and in some cases their parents.
 — 10 displaced families (relatives and friends), who evacuated from Kyiv to Western Ukraine and Eastern Europe. All have lost their small businesses or jobs, so the money has helped with re-settling in new places. Some families had fled the war for the second time, after fleeing fighting in Donetsk and Luhansk in 2014.
 — A friend, Arseniy Finberg, who along with volunteers from Association of Tour Operator of Ukraine has organized hundreds of bus rides evacuating thousands of women, children, and elderly from Kyiv and Chernihiv to Western Ukraine and Poland. His team of volunteers have also been delivering food and humanitarian aid to residents of occupied Kherson, Irpin, and Bucha.
 — A friend, Elena Tsema, who hersel fled Kyiv with her child to Western Ukraine and immediately began meeting newly arrived families at a train station, driving them to shelters, buying them food, diapers, and essentials. Some families have been arriving with nothing. Shortly after, Elena who is a photographer and an artist, have teamed up with fellow photographers and created an amazing project Currently, all proceeds from the project allow for purchasing of medications, food and hygiene supplies to be then shipped to Chernihiv, which is continuously under attacks.
 — A friend of my sister-in-law in Poland, who has been purchasing medicine, pet food, and pet meds and sending those over for distribution among displaced people throughout Ukraine.
 — A friend, Valeria Shinkareva, who is an early childhood educator in Cherkasy. She and her team has been outfitting kids corners at bomb shelters and providing craft supplies to kids activity rooms inside the center for evacuees. They have also purchased food and diapers for the evacuees.

Please note that majority of these funds got transferred via the transfer services that have waived the commission fees to Ukraine. So in many cases, a 100% of your donation went directly to the recipient. In other cases, about 2-3% fees were charged by other transfer mechanisms. Compare that with 15-25% administrative costs necessary to run larger charitable organizations. Thank you for your support.