Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Sasha’s family has been collecting funds to support Ukrainian children. As a result of our 2022 fundraising, Sasha’s Run has sent $42,300 to the following organizations and groups in Ukraine:
 —$11,000 was transferred directly to the Children Hospital “Okhmatdyt” in Kyiv. As the largest children’s hospital in Ukraine, Okhmatdyt has always treated the most complex pediatric cases. But since the start of the war, Okhmatdyt became a frontline in treating children and adults with the worst war wounds and those who survived the horrors of the war time.
$10,500 was sent directly to 14 Ukrainian families we know: our relatives and close friends are among them. Some fled Ukraine and traveled to the US, Canada, Ireland, France, and Poland. Others stayed in Ukraine but had to leave their homes. These funds have helped with travel, living expenses, school tuition, food and medicine.
$6,500 was donated to the fund Help.Photo.UA that provided medical supplies to several neonatal hospitals in Sumy and Chernigiv region and purchased tons of medical supplies for internally displaced population.
$5,000 was donated to the international chapter of the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). As an organization, whose mission it is to help families with sick children, the RMHC has set up mobile units on the border with Ukraine, helping displaced sick children with lodging and transportation to hospitals throughout Europe.
$2,250 was donated to Letters of Hope for Ukraine. This not-for-profit organization is based in Saratoga, but their founder has spent several months in Poland, on the border with Ukraine, providing economic assistance to newly arrived Ukrainian families. Some of these funds went towards the preschool tuition for a little Ukrainian boy, who fled to the US with his mom.
800 pairs of wool socks and thermal layers along with $2,500 was sent to the Ukrainian military on the front lines and civilians to help them weather the cold temperatures this winter, as the enemy continued shelling Ukrainian power stations and energy infrastructure.
$1,450 was donated to the Association of Tour Operators of Ukraine, whose volunteers organized hundreds of evacuation bus routes for people fleeing areas under shelling and occupation in early days of the war.
$1,450 was donated to a group of volunteers in Poland and Western Ukraine, who organized deliveries of pet food for displaced or left behind cats and dogs throughout Vinnitsa region.
$1,650 was donated to several Ukrainian volunteers we know: one outfitted a play center for the displaced children, several raised funds for night vision goggles, and few others fundraised towards a new vehicle for medics on the frontline.
–Finally, 4 large tote bins full of medical supplies and money to assist with shipping was given to a medical supplies drive, organized and shipped by the Capital Region Ukrainian Churches.

Please note that majority of these funds got transferred via the transfer services that have waived the commission fees to Ukraine. So in many cases, a 100% of your donation went directly to the recipient. In few cases, 2-3% fees were charged by other transfer mechanisms. Thank you for your support.