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Arrival to the Park/Parking Your Vehicle

When arriving to the park, use the north entrance. Parking will be on the grassy field across from the Veteran’s Monument. Please follow the directions of the parking volunteers.

Mask Policy

While the CDC and NYS DOH have recently relaxed the guidelines for wearing masks for vaccinated adults, we will not be asking our participants for their vaccination status. So we require the participants to wear a mask during the following:

– While within 10’ of the Clubhouse building (during packet pickup, while grabbing food or purchasing a raffle ticket).

– While using the bathrooms or when inside the building.

– While at the staging area immediately prior to the start of the race.

The participants are welcome to lower their mask while on the 5K course or before and after the race, when not in the crowded areas.

There will be hand sanitizer and masks available at the Clubhouse building.

Packet Pickup/Same Day Registration

Packet/bib pick up and the same day registration will take place at the Clubhouse building. The packets will be pre-bagged, and labeled with the participant’s name and bib number. On Saturday morning, we will email participants their bib numbers. We encourage participants to tell their bib number to the race volunteer, as this will make packet pickup quick and efficient.

Weather permitting, all participants will remain outside the Clubhouse, while the race volunteers will be stationed inside the Clubhouse behind the open overhead doors. Since the area near the Clubhouse may get crowded at times, we require that race participants wear a mask while within 10’ of the Clubhouse building or when inside the building.

Staging Areas

We will set up 2 separate areas for staging people before they start the race: Starting Line Area and the Staging Area. Each area will be roped off and a volunteer will control the pathway between them.

The Start

The race will have a rolling start. The race announcer will call on participants to the staging areas according to their anticipated pace. The faster people will be invited to start first, while the slower runners and the walkers will start later. There will be numbered cones in both staging areas and the announcer will invite 6 people at the time to cross the start line, every 5-10 seconds. The participants are required to wear a mask while lining up in the Starting Line Area and while crossing the Start line.

Getting Water on the Course

We encourage all participants to carry their own bottle while on the run. We will provide bottle refill station along the route. The runner must hold their bottle and wear a mask. We will provide masked volunteer who will simply press the button on the cooler to pour the water. Some paper cups will be available as well.

Race Results

As the participants cross the finish line, their results will be posted online at:


We invite our participants to post their race photos on Facebook or Instagram with a hashtag #sashasrun2021


The top 3 female and male 5K finishers will receive a gift card and a paper certificate. The top 3 female and male 5K finishers in each age group will receive a custom neck gaiter and a paper certificate. The age groups are split up as follows: under 11, 12-15, 16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-64, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-79, 80 and up.

There will not be an award ceremony. The top finishers can pick up their awards at the Packet pickup table at the Clubhouse building after the race. For those who are unable to pick up their award, we can mail it to them.

Post Race Water and Snacks

Post-event water station will be located on a table as the participants walk away from the finish line. Post-event water will be available both in water cooler for refilling runners’ bottles and in plastic bottles. Post-race snacks and fruit will be located on the table at the Clubhouse building.


The table with the raffle prizes will be located at the Clubhouse building. The participants will be able to purchase raffle tickets between 8 and 10:30am. The drawing will occur at 10:30am and the winners will be written on a poster and posted on the wall of the Clubhouse building.

The winners can pick up their prizes immediately after the raffle drawings. One does not have to be present in order to win. We will notify the winners over the phone after the race. We can meet with the winner within 45min drive of Halfmoon, NY.

Kids Fun Run

Two distances will be offered:

– 100 yards for the little kids (suggested age range 2-4 years old)

– ¼ mile for bigger kids (suggested age range 5-9 years old).

Kids run will not be timed. There will be finisher goodie bags available for your child after they cross the finish line.

We ask that the kids 3 and older wear a mask for several minutes while waiting for the start, as that area may get crowded. The kids can lower their masks when they begin running.

Online Store

You can purchase a performance custom race T-shirt (kids, adult or ladies sizes) or a hoody at our online store at:

Virtual 5K

Virtual 5K run can be completed any time between May 21 and May 29th at a place of participants choosing, including a treadmill. Virtual participants will receive a race t-shirts within two weeks of the in-person race date.

We invite our virtual participants to submit their results to appear in the Virtual Results. We invite our virtual participants to post their photo on Facebook or Instagram with a hashtag #sashasrun2021