9 Miles East Farm

We make it easy to enjoy local food. There are a lot of people who’d like to eat local food but who simply don’t have time to prepare it. So we grow vegetables on our 11-acre farm and prepare weekly meals in a commercial kitchen for a group of subscribers near Saratoga Springs, NY. It’s like a CSA, only instead of a box of vegetables, you get lasagna. Or gumbo. Or Indian eggplant. Whatever’s freshest that week.

We also deliver GO Bags of freshly harvested vegetables to offices where five or more employees generally buy a bag each week. No subscription is required. GO Bags contain four to six pounds of vegetables grown on our 11-acre farm in Schuylerville. Most vegetables are harvested within 24 hours of delivery to ensure the best possible quality and freshness.

GO Boxes are ready-to-eat single-serve meals prepared with a “functional nutrition” approach that incorporates all our best ideas about what makes food energizing, sustaining, and delicious. GO Boxes will be delivered year-round and no subscription is required.